I am a Surrey based professional portrait photographer working nationally and internationally for a wide range of clients.

As a youth I was drawn to photography through my father’s work which he enthusiastically shot on a robust Praktica camera and printed using a home-built enlarger in his own DIY darkroom. The constant smell of fix and the dim red lighting coupled with the excitement of watching images gradually appear as I rocked the developer dish had me hooked. At college my interest in photography grew considerably and in amongst a growing collection of photographs of anything and everything that I was taking, I realised I was happiest and perhaps most skilled at taking pictures of people. This is something I have been doing ever since and the prospect of every new shoot is as exciting today as it was when I started.

Gone is the faint whiff of photographic chemistry as I’ve been entirely digital for over 15 years. I rarely shoot 35mm – preferring the quality, creativity and flexibility of medium format. I use Phase One equipment, producing 80 mega-pixel images that are ideal for large-sized output and quite ferocious cropping. I prefer to handle my own retouching using the superb combination of Capture One and Photoshop (which I’ve used professionally since 1992) – but happy also to hand over raw images for others to finish.

I work regularly for a wide range of magazines, agencies, businesses and private clients and my excitement is always raised at the prospect of creating something different and individual for each.

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